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Bus Towing

Bus Towing

Are you needing to shift your bus from point A to point C? Never fear, Lightning Towing is here! Our towing service encompasses a seamless transportation of larger vehicles and buses. We provide the utmost care when towing your bus during a move and we ensure that it is delivered safely and intact.

Don’t feel stuck again when your bus or truck breaks down as we offer hassle-free, time efficient tow truck services in Perth. No matter the size of the task at hand, our sturdy tow trucks and our well-experienced staff are trustworthy and lightning quick in their delivery.

We are extremely time sensitive with our clients and are completely aware of how speed is an imperative part of a good towing service. The process is as painless as possible, and our services range from mini-buses all the way through to a double-decker bus! Not all sizes of vehicles can be towed with an ordinary tow truck, only an experienced and well-equipped towing service company is prepared for transportation needs of all shapes and sizes!

You can count on us to deliver your bus. Give us a call for Perth towing services and for towing your bus on (08) 9225 5440.


perth towing

Old park home moved from the old Carine Gardens caravan park site.  

Solar Battery Storage station heading to the Pilbara. 

Helping a truck driver load his freight onto to trailer bound for Sydney.

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Linda Busby

Every time I have had to use Lightning Towing for our insurance cases, they have been absolutely fantastic! Professional, efficient and wonderful to our clients. Always my first choice in this area! Keep up the great work Lightening Towing!

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